Social Welfare Lawyers in the Centre of Birmingham

Joint Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights (JCHR)

The JCHR is holding an inquiry into the legal aid reforms. The details can be accessed at—call-for-evidence/
The deadline for submissions is September 27th.
Mr Grayling has declined to hold back from proceeding with his legal aid reforms until the JCHR has reported. Despite this, a strong report from the JCHR may be very important in what may be inevitable future challenges to the catastrophic legal aid changes. Attached to this article is the submission CLP have made to the JCHR.

On the 27 September 2013 we made a further submission of evidence to this Inquiry – see attached:


Total Attachments: 2

CLP Submission on JCHR Legal Aid Inquiry (58 KB) Second Submission on JCHR Legal Aid Inquiry (52 KB)

Visit to CLP by Lord Low

The Low Commission are investigating the impact of the Legal Aid reforms and making suggestions as to future strategy for legal advice.  Lord Low and two members of the Commission, Steve Hynes and Vicky Ling, visited CLP on Thursday 29 August 2013 and met with the three Partners and Craig Keenan from the Housing Team.  CLP made a number of suggestions as to how things might be improved and all parties agreed that the meeting was very useful. CLP’s letter to Lord Low is attached to this article along with its enclosure.

The draft report from the Low Commission which is currently out for further consultation until 30 September can be accessed at