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Rashid v Nasrullah

Rashid v Nasrullah [2018] EWCA Civ 2685

The appellant (F) appealed against an order of the Upper Tribunal, made on the application of the respondent (M) who had subsequently died and was represented by his executor, directing the rectification of the land register so as to restore M’s name as the registered proprietor of certain land.   Until 1989, M had been the registered proprietor of the land in question.  In 1989, F’s father perpetrated a fraud whereby he procured both the transfer of the land to himself and his registration as its proprietor.  F was complicit in the fraud and in 1990 his father gifted the land to him and had him registered as its proprietor.   In 2011, M sought rectification of the register.  F objected arguing that he had been in adverse possession for over 20 years.

National Roma Integration Strategies

In March 2018 the National Federation of Gypsy Liaison Groups, Friends Families and Travellers, the Roma Support Group and Roma Community Care produced a very important report on the above issue (Civil society monitoring report on implementation of the national Roma integration strategies in the United Kingdom). Here are some extracts from that report and you can find a copy of the report at the following link:-