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Travellers’ Times Highlights Jeremy Corbyn’s Support for the No Mad Law Campaign

In the run up to the Labour Leadership Election, Mr Corbyn and his opponent, Owen Smith, were asked by the No Mad Laws Campaign about their views on the five recommendations put forward by the Campaign.  Travellers’ Times has highlighted Jeremy Corbyn’s support in response to that request from the Campaign.  For more details see the No Mad Laws website at:

Response to the Petition from the MoJ

We have now received a totally unhelpful response from the Ministry of Justice to the Petition – see attached.
Plus they manage to fail to mention the cases of R (Gudanaviciene & ors) -v- Secretary of State for Justice (which found the exceptional funding guidance to be unlawful) and R (Ben Hoare Bell & ors) -v- The Lord Chancellor which found the Civil Legal Aid (Remuneration) Regs, with regard to payment in legal aid cases for judicial reviews, to also be unlawful. Must have skipped their mind!  We have just chased up the other main parties about the Petition and we will let you know if and when we hear from them.


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Response to the Petition from the MoJ (111 KB)

No Mad Laws

This campaign consists of Gypsy and Traveller support groups and representatives and Gypsies and Travellers themselves who have joined together to highlight the disastrous effect that the Coalition Government’s legal aid and judicial review reforms will have upon Gypsies and Travellers.  The No Mad Laws Campaign was formally launched on 26th August 2014.


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