Social Welfare Lawyers in the Centre of Birmingham

Professional Feedback

“The Gypsy and Traveller community experiences extreme hardship, disadvantage and discrimination and the excellent standard of legal services provided by CLP to those in need within this community is invaluable” – Susan Alexander, Travellers Aid Trust

” The reputation of the CLP Housing Team is second to none in the sector. They have been behind much of the significant case law over the last few years and have clearly shown their dedication in seeking justice for the homeless and disadvantaged” – Giles Peaker, Solicitor

This regional firm has a national profile and reputation built up over years of dedicated service to the most vulnerable. I have been instructed by this firm in very difficult cases at the cutting edge of the law…….and can personally testify to their expertise and commitment in the field of Social Welfare Law.” – James Goudie, Q.C.

“Suffice it for me to say that CLP’s lawyers operate at the very cutting edge of Housing Law and its related areas and that their appellate work has made a significant difference to the property rights of the under privileged and disadvantaged nationwide….. I have witnessed first-hand the dedication and skill of their lawyers in cases which are never destined for the Supreme Court….. These are the tenants in rent arrears, the unlawfully evicted, those suffering with housing disrepair, the vulnerable, the mentally ill or the incapacitated. The collective knowledge of CLP’s lawyers of how to deal with these cases – from their partners down to their para-legals – is in my experience second to none.” – Ben McCormack, Barrister

“CLP has also helped and encouraged other legal firms and advice agencies and has promoted good practice, including co-hosting free legal training sessions on Housing and Welfare Law for solicitors, advisors and other professionals working within the Birmingham area.” – Steve Wheeler, Environmental & Housing Consultant

“Your organization provides a social service which is simply not replicated elsewhere….” – Baroness Whitaker, Vice-Chair – the All Party Parliamentary Group on Gypsies, Roma and Travellers

“Since its inception, CLP has been at the forefront of developing Housing Law and practice. It has taken cases through the Appellate Courts and to the European Court of Human Rights. The solicitors and case workers employed by CLP are amongst the most experienced practitioners in the housing field” – Justine Compton, Barrister

“Since CLP’s foundation, I have learned to respect the firm both for the manner in which it conducts its cases and, more importantly, the way it treats its clients. There have been occasions where litigation could have been prolonged ( to the firm’s profit), but it was in the client’s interest to resolve matters speedily. On each occasion the interests of the client were placed above those of the firm” – Michael Singleton, Barrister