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R (Gudanaviciene & ors) -v- Director of Legal Aid Casework and The Lord Chancellor


R (Gudanaviciene & ors) v Director of Legal Aid Casework and The Lord Chancellor [2014] EWHC 1840 (Admin), 13 June 2014

When the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders (LASPO) Bill was passing through Parliament the Government frequently emphasised that there would be a safety net provided with regard to those areas that were going out of scope for legal aid, namely ‘exceptional funding’ (EF).

Manchester Ship Canal Developments -v- Persons Unknown

Manchester Ship Canal Developments Ltd, Peel Investments Limited -v- Persons Unknown, Crane and Others [2014] EWHC 645 CH, 10 March 2014

This is not a Gypsy or Traveller case.

An organisation called Igas proposed to carry out drilling activity on a piece of land. This drilling activity was to be investigatory and was for the purpose of establishing whether there were hydro carbon deposits underneath the land that were capable of being exploited using a technique known as “fracking”.

Low Commission Final Report

The Low Commission is an independent commission set up by the Legal Action Group to report into the question of access to justice especially in the light of the recent and ongoing Legal Aid reforms. They produced their final report in January 2014. Click here to access The Low Commission final report.

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