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Town-Wide Injunction

Harlow Council in combination with Essex County Council have obtained an injunction against Gypsies and Travellers covering 454 parcels of land:

Though TAT were contacted by two of the Defendants prior to the Order being made, unfortunately they were not eligible for legal aid and did not instruct us further.  TAT feel that such injunctions are highly challengeable and would be very interested in hearing from anyone affected by this injunction or any other such injunction.  Please telephone us on our Advice Line on 0121 685 8677.

Akerman – Livingstone – v – Aster Communities Limited

Akerman – Livingstone – v – Aster Communities Limited [2015] UKSC 15, 11 March 2015

The Supreme Court has overturned the decision of the Court of Appeal and thus concluded that disability discrimination defences to possession actions under the Equality Act 2010 do not have to face the same “seriously arguable” summary test as Article 8 defences to possession actions by local authorities.