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Human Rights

The Council of Europe’s Committee of Experts on the reform of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) is holding an open court for information, proposals and views on the issue of the longer term reform of the system of the European Convention on Human Rights and the ECtHR.  This process follows on from the Brighton Declaration adopted in April 2012.  It is intended to be open and inclusive, allowing questions to be raised and examined concerning all aspects of the Convention system and the Court.  For further information see .

The deadline for submissions is midday (12.00 pm French local time) on Monday 27th January 2014.

Making submissions concerning the European Convention is a big task.  TAT will be suggesting that all Gypsy and Traveller Support Groups and representatives link together to produce a joint submission thus making use of all the range of knowledge we have on this subject.  Those who are interested in participating please email us at:- .