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Response of the Travellers Advice Team at Community Law Partnership to the Consultation on the English Homelessness Code of Guidance

The Community Law Partnership (CLP) is a radical, progressive firm of solicitors specialising in the law relating to Housing and Public Law. CLP incorporates the Travellers Advice Team (TAT) –  a ground breaking nationwide 24 hour advice service for Gypsies and Travellers.

Power To The People

Everyone had been waiting with trepidation for the Government’s response to the Travellers and Planning Consultation.  You can find examples of some of the wonderful consultation responses in our article below “Re-Defining Travellers Out of Existence

After lobbying from Dr Angus Murdoch, a Planning Consultant who acts for Gypsies and Travellers, the Liberal Democrat MP, David Laws, studied all of the consultation responses and was very concerned about the points that were made in those responses.  Accordingly the Liberal Democrats blocked the attempt of Mr Pickles, the Secretary of State for Justice, to bring in changes to planning policies including the proposed change to the definition of “Gypsy” for the purposes of planning.  This is excellent news. Well done to Angus, David Laws, Lord Avebury (who facilitated this process) and all of those who put in consultation responses.  A report on this appeared in the Daily Telegraph and, interestingly, on the same page there was a report about thousands more homes being planned for the Green Belt.  You can read this at:- Daily Telegraph Report

UK Report to the United Nations under the International Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination

This is CLP’s submission to the Department for Communities and Local Government concerning the draft UK report to the United Nations under the International Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination:


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Re-Defining Travellers Out Of Existence

The deadline for submissions to the disastrous proposals contained in the Department for Communities and Local Government consultation on Planning and Travellers was November 23rd 2014.  Great efforts were made by lots of people in putting in submissions and there was a flurry of activity on the last day for submissions.  Additionally some smaller groups only learnt of the consultation very late in the day and requests have been put in asking for an extension of time.  We attach here a selection of the submissions including the submission that CLP did in conjunction with Ruston Planning.   Obviously these submissions are made on behalf of the individuals or individual groups or organisations involved and, though we support the vast majority of the submissions made, the submissions are not necessarily the views of CLP.


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